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Spousal Support


When two people separate they generally no longer have the financial support of each other.  It also can take some time after separation before a property settlement can take place.  This can leave one partner in a position with a greatly reduced income (or in some circumstances no income at all) for a significant period of time.  In these circumstances you may be entitled to spousal support (known as spouse maintenance).

Child support is only designed to provide for the needs of the children and is not intended to maintain the parent as well.  Often government benefits are insufficient due to the expenses required to be paid such as a mortgage or car loan.  Occasionally a party is unable to access much by way of government benefits as their asset wealth is too high but often these assets are in joint names so that their value cannot be accessed in the short term. In these situations you may be entitled to spousal support.

Applying for Spousal Support

In order to receive spousal support you need to be able to prove to the Court that you have a genuine need for the financial support and that the other party has the capacity to pay the spousal support.