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Children’s matters


Often the most distressing effect of a separation is its impact on the children, and how each parent will continue their relationship with the children.

Court considers children’s best interests

When the Court makes orders relating to children the children’s best interests are the Court’s paramount consideration.  There is no set formula for how these best interests are achieved and the Court will look at each family situation individually.

Court orders

  • The Court can make orders in relation to who the children live with, and spend time with.
  •  The Court will also generally make orders in relation to who is permitted to make decisions in relation to the children’s life, for example who gets to decide what school the children attend.

It is important to resolve these issues promptly after separation in order to:

  • provide certainty for the children; and
  • to assist you to move forward with your life.

Issues you confront

The types of issues that you may confront after separation are:

  • Living Arrangements for the children,
  • Decision making arrangements regarding the children,
  • Child abduction,
  • Arrangements regarding Grandparents and other relatives,
  • Moving away with or without the children,
  • Abuse, neglect and/or family violence,
  • Child Support,
  • Change of Name,
  • Enforcing Orders or having old orders changed.

What we do

We will assist you to navigate through and resolve these issues, or any other issues particular to your circumstances. This can most often be achieved by agreement but if your case requires determination by the Court we will then assist you to make the best use of that process.