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About Lees Luke Family Law

At Lees Luke Family Law you will receive specialist family law advice provided to you in a straightforward yet compassionate manner.  We understand that separation is one of the most difficult things people confront during their lifetime.   We aim to assist you through this difficult time by helping you to put into place arrangements that will allow you move on with your life with certainty.

We have experience in complex children’s and property matters but also assist people in formalising agreements that they have already reached themselves. We will treat you as an individual.  We understand that your circumstances are like no one else’s.

We value mediation, negotiation and dispute resolution, while recognising that it does not fit everyone’s circumstances.  Sometimes Court simply cannot be avoided and when this is the case we will advocate strongly for you.

Lees Luke Pty Ltd ACN 169 208 333, trading as Lees Luke Family Law, is an incorporated legal practice.